Locate missing persons and valuables in Denmark

We will locate debtors, customers or physical assets hidden from bankruptcies etc.

Lost contact with debtors, customers or a business partner? We can locate individuals, bulk update your customer records or locate hidden valuables and potentially seize what’s yours.

It is almost impossible to make a claim if the debtor and values have disappeared into thin air. At Lehmann & Nobel, we have extensive experience with tracing down debtors and hidden values. We offer discreet track down or we can physically serve legal notices, private messages. Service is offered at home and abroad.

Quick search

Do you already have the persons name and old address or birthdate, then we can access official databases and deliver the persons current address in Denmark or abroad. Should the person have died, then you get the date.

Price: 95 € (no cure, no pay)

Bulk search 500+ 1,2 € /search (no cure, no pay)

Professional bloodhounds

Tracing debtors who deliberately hide from their creditors requires the right tools. Therefore, we have developed our own OSINT platform (Opensource Intelligence) for advanced and in-depth research in open databases, forums, social media, public archives and deep web data.  Today, it is virtually impossible not to leave behind some digital tracks online, both when it comes to social and business contexts; most digital footprints leave behind tracks, which we can analyze and use to put together a picture of the whereabouts and possible location of a specific person.