Surveillance Operations

As leading Danish intelligence agency, you get solid results and professional surveillance – as expected.

Solid Evidence – Personal Certainty

Surveillance is sometimes the most direct and uncontaminated way to gather hard evidence or personal certainty.

In domestic cases surveillance is often used in relation to suspicions of an unfaithful spouse, parents who want insight into their children’s activities and in cases of child custody. People, who suspect infidelity or parents who worries about their child, usually hire us to acquire the necessary information before a confrontation takes place. In custody cases, the need for useful documentation for submission to the authorities is an important factor for most clients.

Corporate surveillance operations are usually related to cases with suspicion of fraud. Read more about fraud investigations

Confidentiality is guaranteed!

As an individual, it may feel like a violation of one’s boundaries to contact a private investigator. Therefore, all information received is handled with full discretion and confidentiality and is never disclosed without the express request of the client.  All employees at Lehmann & Nobel are subject to a comprehensive confidentiality agreement that goes far beyond the employment in the agency.

We master the balance between efficiency and discretion

The limit of efficiency is equal to the risk of detection. That is a general industry formula that all agencies and private detectives know about.  And in our company, the balance between efficiency and discretion is a discipline we go to great lengths to strike. Our services must be delivered with precision, therefore we carefully do a risk assessment of all operations before startup, so our clients receive an effective performance with maximum discretion.

At home and abroad 24 hours a day

Our main office is located in Copenhagen, but we have agents throughout the country and a solid network of collaborators abroad. Although the best performance is achieved by contacting us in good time, our national and global reach enables us to begin working on cases on a very short notice. When the situation is critical and time is a deciding factor, we can have boots on the ground in less than 30 minutes in Denmark and within 24 hours in certain parts of the world.

Physical surveillance VS technical surveillance

Physical surveillance is usually manual field work where a single agent or a surveillance team discreetly shadows and documents the behavior of one or more individuals. Our agents can use long-range tele-objectives, carry a hidden camera on their body or make use of camera drones in areas that are difficult to access.

Technical surveillance or unmanned data collection is characterized by one thing – Technology. Typically, GPS tracking of vehicles or smaller assets to gather movement patterns and visited locations. We also install hidden video surveillance and interception equipment in houses, cars and in outdoor areas. If there is a need for extraordinarily discreet surveillance, we can, under certain conditions, implement advanced  and covert surveillance software in mobile phones, tablets and computers. Contact us for a talk about the possibilities.

Infiltration – Advanced surveillance

Some cases requires us to come very close to a specific persons life, relationships and environment to get the needed documentation. For these situations, we have a team of experienced agents with exceptional capabilities, who can infiltrate a specific environment in a natural and efficient manner. When working for individuals and lawyers, the team is typically used in cases of visitation with children, abuse cases and young people on a wrong track.

We offer similar services to companies with complex case scenarios.