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PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS COPENHAGENGet immediate help from investigators you can count on

Private investigations

Our investigators assists in a variety of aspects including child custody, infidelity, divorce, locate hidden assets, conduct Background Checks, and locate hard to find individuals. We are a globally recognized agency located in Copenhagen Denmark with strong international network.

Infidelity InvestigationTRUTH

Suspect you partner is cheating? We will get the answer and evidence necessary. We conduct discreet and highly skilled surveillance in Denmark and Europe.

privatdetektiv opsporing af personer

Missing Person LocatingREUNITE

We are contracted by family members looking for lost family members or loved ones. Parents searching for their missing children and individuals looking for their birth parents.

Instant Address LookupLOCATE

With extended access to the Danish citizen registry we can instantly fetch someones current address, as long as you have a name and an old address or name and DOB.


Child Custody CasesEVIDENCE

Need supporting evidence that a parent, or family member, is capable/incapable of caring for children? We offer surveillance and lifestyle research to gather true insights.

Pre martial Investigation

Pre Marital InvestigationsINSIGHTS

Know your partner before you marry. A thorough background check will give you insights into the past, job, family, previous relationships and more. We offer investigations in Denmark and Europe.

Host Family Background check

Host Family Background CheckREASSURENCE

We conduct thorough background checks of potential hosting families for parents of exchange students. Send your child off with peace in mind. 

Questions? or other needs?

Don’t hesitate, we are here to answer just the same. Give us a call or drop a message, we are fast repliers.