Transparent Prices

At Lehmann & Nobel, you get the best results in the industry at a price level so low that few of our competitors can keep up

When you contact us for the first time, we will have a preliminary talk about your needs and how we best assist you. If your case is complex, it may be necessary to conduct a brief preliminary investigation. The initial consultation and preliminary investigation are free and completely non-binding.

If you subsequently choose to start a case, we will ask you to pay a start-up fee of 450 Euro. The payment covers our preparation, communication, technical equipment and reporting. The amount also covers the first 2 hours of detective work. If additional hours are needed, they will be settled subsequently at the rates listed below.

How we get started…

Good preparation makes for good results, therefore we ask you for all relevant information related to the case so that the private investigators designated to the task can plan the best approach, the right level of discretion and which success criteria are in focus. Then it’s our turn to show what we are good at. Before startup, you choose how and how often you want to be updated while the task is completed.

Rates & Terms

Startup fee – one-time payment

Covers preparation, equipment, ongoing communication and documentation + 2 hours detective work
450 Euro
Hourly rate – Monday to Saturday105 Euro
Hourly rate – Sunday & holidays150 Euro
Transport per km0,9 Euro
Bridges, entrance fees, p-tickets etc.Consumables price
International operationsContacts us
* All prices are quoted incl. VAT.

Terms of payment: The start-up fee must be pre-paid and received no later than 48 hours before scheduled start-up. Subsequent invoices must be paid no later than 10 days after the end of the case.

Cancellation: If you cancel a job earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled start-up, the full amount will be returned to your account within 5 business days. In case of cancellation later than 24 hours before the agreed start-up, the start-up fee will be due.

Payment methods: You can pay by transferring the due amount to our account in Nordea A/S, via MobilePay or in cash at attendance.

Special Services

GPS tracking of vehicles

With our Tracking Service, you will get live tracking 24 hours a day and driving history that accurately shows where a vehicle is parked, at what time and for how long.


Rent: 350 Euro/week.
Installation / removal 150 Euro.
Deposit: 220 Euro.

IT Investigation

Professional reconstruction of deleted data from computers, mobile phones and USB disks. We recreate deleted images, videos, documents, emails, messages and internet history.


Prices from 750 Euro.

Surveillance of mobile phone and computer

As the only agency in Denmark, we offer the implementation of advanced surveillance technology for complete and discreet surveillance of mobile phones, tablets and computers. This service is subject to special terms and conditions. Book a meeting for full information about the possibilities.

Prices from 1.200 Euro.

Drug Test

We perform extensive screening analyzes for immediate detection of drugs in saliva and urine. For legal use, we offer confirmatory laboratory analysis. Contact us for full information about the selection of tests, cross-reactions and tracking times. We carry out tests from 1 to 50 people.


Prices from 350 Euro.

Body fluid analysis

If you have found spots on bed sheets, undergarments or the like that do not seem familiar, we can analyze whether the spot is caused by sperm or vaginal secretion. We can use several different test methods, so contact us for a talk about the possibilities.


Prices from 300 Euro.

Body fluid DNA analysis

In collaboration with one of Europe’s most respected DNA laboratories, we offer clinical DNA testing of semen and vaginal secretions found on underwear, sheets or the like. Send the material to us together with a saliva sample and get an answer as to whether the spot and salivary sample comes from the same person.


Prices from 620 Euro.

Lifting and fingerprint analysis

We can collect and secure fingerprints for further use as evidence in cases where the police do not have the resources to ensure the timely securing of evidence. We also offer fingerprint analysis as a method of exclusion in private cases where the detection must be kept private and discreet.


Prices from 1.300 Euro.

Get a free quote

Investigative tasks can be very different and its therefore difficult to accommodate everything at one single price. For example, long-term tasks may be eligible for a discount, while physical surveillance that requires entry fees or overnight stays will incur additional costs. If you have a case that requires special investigation by a private investigator, please contact us for a non-binding offer.