Mystery Shopping – Denmark
Stay ahead of the competition

Are your Danish branch delivering services according to guidelines and expectations? We offer a wide range of solutions providing you with valuable insights to stay ahead of competition.

Test purchases, mystery shopping or secret shopping, there are many names to describe this service, but it all covers the same things – it’s about optimization and quality assurance. As a company owner or brand manager, it is important to know if the service level and product management comply with agreed guidelines and established goals. Lack of focus on customer experience will easily result in lost revenue, impaired reputation and long-term damage to brand name.

Experienced private investigators ensure professional results you can trust

At Lehmann & Nobel, quality assurance is also an important discipline. Therefore, we don’t hire random students and temps to do the quality testing. With us, all our mystery shoppers are experienced private investigators who are used to solving tasks discreetly, professionally and with great attention to detail. We solve single tasks and we can also enter into framework agreements in case of larger collaborations. Contact us for a talk about the possibilities.

360° service check

Many clients already know in advance, exactly which parameters to test and how to execute them. In other cases, it may be necessary to conduct an initial preliminary investigation, during which we will determine which parameters will bring valuable insight into the company. We put all our expertise and experience into play and we can have a look at all areas where the company does external communication and transactions.

  • How enterprising are the employees
  • Handling stressful situations
  • Presentation of goods and services
  • Waiting times and response times
  • Do the cash go into the till
  • Return Service
  • General impression and decor
  • Global partner

Global partner

Do you have branches, holiday homes, or other services abroad and you want a uniform assessment, then we also have the right people for the job. We speak fluent Danish, Swedish, English, French, Italian and Spanish.