Locate Missing Person

Track and locate missing persons in Denmark and abroad

When we are hired to locate missing persons, the client is often someone with a desire for reunification with a long-lost friend or family member. This could be anything from reuniting with one’s biological parents, an old partner or people gone missing abroad. Tracking and locating people based on just a few, possibly outdated, pieces of information requires experience and professional tools. At Lehmann & Nobel we have what it takes to search through any part of the world.

Fast track location

Do you already have the persons name and old address or birthdate, then we can access official databases and deliver the persons current address in Denmark or abroad. Should the person have died, then you get the date.

Price: 95 € (no cure, no pay)

Bulk search 500+ 1,2 € /search (no cure, no pay)

Online research – OSINT

A large part of the work related to locating missing persons begins with online research. Even with very little data to start with, we can usually dig up crucial information that ultimately secures the results our clients are looking for. We use our own developed OSINT (Opensource Intelligence) platform for advanced and in-depth research in open databases, forums, social media, public archives and deep web data. These are the same professional tracking tools that we use in our digital investigations – if there are any tracks to find, we will find them.

Physical tracing

Desk work isn’t always enough; sometimes clues and tracks need to be followed up manually. This can be in situations where our digital research has led us on track of a circle of people, a specific area or a workplace that requires us to speak physically with people who can point us further in the right direction. Physical presence is also used for 100% identification of the wanted person.

Contact us

Contact us and let us talk about the person you want to locate and let us give you a non-binding offer on the job.