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LITIGATION SUPPORT DENMARK Fact finding and Crucial evidence gathering

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Services for Attorney and Legal Team

Providing investigative services for law firms, legal teams and attorneys uncovering facts and securing crucial evidence.


Discreet visual and auditive documentation of behavior and activities supporting your case.

Witness Interview

We provide door-to-door interviews to identify witnesses and secure statements.

We also conduct online identification and interviews of persons who gained valuable information through online platforms.

Visual reconstruction

Photo and video documentation of locations and reconstruction of incidences for better visual understanding.

Gathering copy or similar objects involved in the case.

Background Check

thorough background check of witnesses, clients, plaintiff and other relevant parties.

Facts Check

Fact checking statements in direct comparison where reproduction is possible, as likelihood of chronologic events and time to distance possibilities.  

Missing person

We locate missing heirs, witness to wills and persons born out of Wedlock.

Hidden Assets

We locate and potentially seize hidden or stolen assets.

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