Global GPS tracking of everything

With state-of-the-art technology and a high level of expertise, we can track all movements at home and abroad – nothing goes missing.

With advanced GPS, LBS and IoT technology, we track everything from large containers and industrial machinery to tiny packages, bags and mobile phones. With our service it’s virtually impossible to lose whatever our clients need tracked and monitored.

Diskreet GPS tracking of vehicles

GPS tracking of vehicles is the most common form of passive monitoring. Our clients get access to live location data and several months’ location history. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes for our experienced team to install a tracking device on a car, van or truck. Installation can be done from the outside and requires no connections to external power source. Once installation is completed, the GPS device can be tracked for up to one year without re-deployment.

Global protection of valuables

When shipping assets with extensive value to our client, GPS tracking alone is not enough. Any GPS tracking device requires data from satellites to reveal its exact location. If the assets is moved under a solid roof, or into a basement, coordinates may become unreachable. With our added beacon trackers, we can track any object within a radius of 1 mile, no matter where it is. Combined with a GPS tracker, it’s virtually impossible to hide. Our equipment is fully functional wordwide.

Advanced tracking and surveillance of mobile phones

Most cellphones comes with GPS and LBS technology, ( Global Positioning Services and Location Based Services). Both services make it easy for us to conduct location tracking and monitor movement in real time. Our skilled technicians can install advanced software on iPhones as well as Android phones. The software is completely hidden and does not reveal its presence. Our clients get access to an online control system from where all communication and movements can be monitored. Cellphone tracking is a vital instrument if you or your staff frequently travel in high risk areas.