Fraud Investigation Denmark

Professionel fraud investigation.

Providing investigation of suspicious insurance claims, internal fraud and conscious attempts that illicitly affects our client’s financial or physical assets. As a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, our services are delivered with up-to-date expertise and knowledge. Contracting Lehmann & Nobel is a discreet way to identify, investigate and expel the fraudsters, without damage to your operation or brand image.

Health care fraud

False sick leave is the most common form of health care fraud. without prevention and proper consequence it might lead to temptation in your workforce. For small businesses, it may even be an insurmountable challenge to prove a suspicion of false long-term sick leave. It requires specific knowledge to know what is submittable in a case of health care fraud. We have assisted a substantial amount of clients in cases where employees went above and beyond both morally and legally.

Investigation of illicit insurance claims

As a recognized business partner in the insurance industry, we provide discreet investigations into suspicious insurance claims. Our private investigators have extensive experience with documenting excessive personal injuries and fraud in connection with false claims of material damage. We offer a discreet investigation of individuals physical state and material damage claims.

Protection against internal fraud

Internal fraud often involves one or more people who secretly drain a client’s business for significant resources. Even though the fraud itself may be quite expensive, there are actually many cases that are never reported. This is usually because companies do not want to risk the harmful effects that may arise from this, such as public interest, management distrust and unrest among the employees. At Lehmann & Nobel, we know that these cases need to be investigated and handled with professional finesse.