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CORPORATE INVESTIGATION DENMARK Safeguarding our clients, their people and businesses

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Corporate Services

Through Insight, Evidence and Security services we provide holistic, client centric solutions to any of your requirements. Our business solutions solves business challenges.


Intelligence gathering and thorough screening services for decision makers in need of full insight.

Strategic Intelligence

Our Strategic intelligence service provides unparalleled clarity and insight to enable informed decision-making.

Employment Screening

The best employee checks aren’t about ticking boxes. They’re about understanding people. A thorough ​background check provides you with results you can rely on.

Tenant Screening

Screening your potential tenants before they sign the lease, will minimize cost, time, money and unnecessary difficulties in the long run.


We provide international expertise in a wide range of corporate investigations, both inside and outside your company.


We work with Insurance Companies, Employers and Attorneys in a defense capacity. We handle a wide variety of claims.


Fraud detection and investigation using covert surveillance for verification og suspected fraudulent and harmful activity.


Tracking of assets, vehicles, individuals and other valuables as part of the investigative work product or security service. 


Providing scheduled and with-cause services on your locations. When a safe and secure work environment matters!

Drug & alcohol testing

Comprehensive Random and With Cause Drug and Alcohol testing service.

TSCM Service

Detecting eavesdropping devices and supplying peace of mind in all circumstances.

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