Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases require a skilled lawyer and an experienced private investigator

When we are hired in cases concerning child custody, it is often done in close cooperation with the client’s lawyer. It is the lawyer who organizes and leads the case where we, as private investigators, collect the necessary documentation to be used as supporting evidence in the case. At Lehmann & Nobel, we have the necessary expertise, both when it comes to cooperation with the legal team and in when collecting crucial evidence.

Choose a good lawyer – Its worth it!

Let it be said straight away, not all lawyers are amazing. Even if the evidence and the circumstances speak to your advantage, it still requires an experienced and skilled lawyer to win a custody case. We recommend that you choose a lawyer specializing in matters of custody with a positive case history. A suggestion is that you ask your potential lawyer about his or her recent legal successes.

Give yourself and your lawyer a significant head start

It may be a quite a challenge to achieve the custody arrangement that works best for your child. Once the case is brought to court, there are a lot of emotions involved. The truth will be bend and evidence can be difficult to convey. In cases where the respective claims of the opposing parties are the only basis of assessment available to the judge, it often ends with a status quo or with compromises that may be difficult to accept. When a client or a client’s lawyer hires us, it is because we can obtain the crucial evidence that can tip the case in your direction.

I don’t want to go to court, all I want is certainty and peace of mind

Sometimes it is “just” about peace of mind and to have a reasonable gut feeling about it all – How does my child do and feel when he/she is with the other parent. It may quickly seem intrusive and inappropriate, if you, as a parent, are trying to monitor or to keep track of what is happening when your child is with the other parent. Discreet surveillance is one of our core services and we can document your child’s well-being quite unnoticed. If the other parent or guardian is to go on a trip with your child, and you are not entirely comfortable with this, we can offer you to discreetly shadow them on the trip and to continuously inform you about the status. We do surveillance in and out of the country.

If you are suspecting that your partner is considering taking your children out of the country or hiding them from you, contact us immediately!

Kidnapping children is, of course, a serious matter with major consequences to both child and the family left behind. Unfortunately, a lack of cooperation between authorities across national borders, often results in long-term legal affairs. It is therefore extremely important to act quickly so that the situation may be averted before it is too late. We can anticipate the events, prepare a contingency plan and ensure the exact location of your child 24 hours a day.

If the worst possible has already happened, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities for finding and retrieving your child. (Documentation of parental custody must be provided).