Background Check

We conduct thorough background checks of companies, individuals and institutions, so you can be sure about who you are dealing with.

A lot of information is needed in order to assess the integrity, accountability, financial situation and honesty of an individual or a company. A thorough background check performed by our experienced researchers is an effective way of quickly obtaining information that has not yet revealed itself.

Digital background check

Most people with an average Internet usage will make a considerable amount of digital footprints  over time. Footprints such as online profiles, social media communications, comments, images, blog posts, networks, job positions and ownership information. Information that rarely disappears and which we can combine into a profile that provides you with an overall picture of evolvement, behavior, communication skills, personality and assets.

A background check that results in a comprehensive profile can be useful before making important choices, trades, contracts or marriage.

CV screening of candidates

We offer in-depth CV screenings of job candidates, so decisions can be made on an accurate foundation. CV screening can be combined with a digital background check for a complete profiling of the candidate.

Interview – Get the experience of others first

For companies

The best knowledge often comes from those who have already been in the same situation, so why not reap their experiences before making your own. In business matters, former customers and business partners can provide a nuanced image of whom and what you are dealing with. At Lehmann & Nobel, our researchers can seek out and conduct interviews in person or over the phone. The interview can be recorded for subsequent re-listening by you. In this way, you can acquire first-hand knowledge from people who have already been where you might be heading.

For individuals

It isn’t just companies that make use of background checks. We are increasingly solving cases for individuals who want prior knowledge about a potential partner, institution, school or company. We perform digital, but also physical background checks for private individuals. For example, it might be information about the experiences of former students at continuation schools, private schools, host families etc. If you are in a situation where someone else’s experience can influence your choice, we can make contact and record the conversations for subsequent re-listening.