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ABOUTLehmann & Nobel

Lehmann & Nobel

My name is Anders E. Hansen – I am the founder and leading investigator in the detective agency Lehmann & Nobel. Since 1996, I have founded and operated several consultancy firms, from where I have developed tailor-made security products for the business community, made countless background checks, supplied advise relating to digital behavior and helped with the investigation of security breaches. In addition, for a multi-year period, I have done educational work as a role model for young people with special needs. In this context, I have assisted in cases concerning poor well-being and custody disputes.

My IT technical background, industry experience and educational skills enable me to bridge the gap between advanced surveillance technology and human behavior, which I consider important elements in a holistic investigation procedure.

Together with 14 skilled agents, we deliver results on a daily basis to Danish and international clients. With us, you are guaranteed the right skills for the right tasks. Each of Lehmann & Nobel’s agents have either a military background, are former police officers or have taken relevant courses in conflict management, risk assessment, anti-stalking and advanced surveillance.

Statement of confidentiality

1.1 All employees at Lehmann & Nobel CVR 37931721 (hereafter called LENO) have signed a declaration of confidentiality regarding our clients’ cases and other matters.

1.2 All information received from our clients both personal and in connection with tasks for the client is subject to professional secrecy and all information is processed in full confidentiality.

1.3 The duty of professional secrecy means, inter alia, that employees can not in any way mention matters relating to the client, the assignment or the handling of the assignment to unauthorized persons both during and after their employment with LENO.

1.4 The undersigned company LENO hereby declares that all LENO employees agree to observe confidentiality and adhere to this in relation to information regarding LENO’s customers, customers’ business, tasks for customers and the like acquired by LENO’s employees through their employment at LENO.