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Leading Danish intelligence agency. Providing private investigation and security services for individuals and corporations.

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Lehmann & Nobel is a full-service investigation agency and can assist you with all your investigative needs. Based out of Copenhagen, Lehmann & Nobel offers extensive investigative services by experienced and knowledgeable agents.

We constantly develop and improve the level of services that we offer our clients. Our private investigators are renowned for gaining evidence in situations and scenarios where other investigation companies seem to fail. Whether you are a national or an international client, feel free to call or email us and we will immediately address your queries and concerns.

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More than 14 years experience with professional investigations

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When you hire Lehmann & Nobel you get skills and experience only a few people possess in this field

Using experienced Ex-Police Officers and Ex- Military Investigators we are able to deal with every client inquiry. We also have several experienced researchers who can sift through the vast amount of information that is openly available on online platforms and databases. Our clients have high expectations of us and we place high demands on our employees. What makes us different is that we possess advanced technology and highly skilled agents.

Our private investigators are people with great integrity and high moral values. Over the years, we have excelled in all our projects and have provided highly confidential and trustworthy services for both the private sector and corporate industry.

We are here to help

Most people have never hired or worked with a private investigator. To make this process easier, Lehmann & Nobel will provide you with a no retainer, free consultation with one of our skilled investigators. We prioritize every client. Start a conversation now and let us find the results you seek.